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This page will be a brief overview of what I've done prior to coming to Florida. I've been blessed.

USO/AFE Tours - Missouri & Kansas - International(Czech Republic) - Los Angeles - Baltimore

2006 USO/AFE tours with Matthew D. Ward and Random Tuesday

2006 started at the top of the world, and continued to be an eye opening, awe inspiring musical year with the US Military and our allies around the world. Thanks to Matthew D. Ward and his group Random Tuesday we were part of USO/Armed Forces Entertainment. From Thule Air Force Base in Northern Greenland to Guantanamo Bay and Honduras; through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium; we had the distinct honor to meet some of the most dedicated, talented, intelligent, brave and committed men and women I will ever have the opportunity to know.

Before this experience I had a hunch the freedom I've taken full advantage of as an American citizen was protected by the miltary folks over there, somewhere. After going over "there" I know exactly who I owe the wonderful life I've had to: the people who choose to serve in the armed forces of our country and those of our allies and I thank you.


Missouri and Kansas

In 2000 the midwest called my name. Actually Colin and Lisa Mahoney and their z'gwon,th studio in Lawrence Kansas. It was a special place with special music created by Tom Johnson and a fertile creative community. During my years in Missouri and Kansas (2000-2007) I played in the best Blues Bands I'll probably ever play with. Wonderful players now departed like the Don Shipps, Ken Halteman, and Kansas City's gentleman piano player Lawrence Wright. Others alive and well like Rick Cool Papa Shortt and Robert Scrivener, the current members of Springfield Missouri's "Hotbox," Rockabilly/psychobilly/Country crooner guitarist and the band TōST's co-founder Stonewall Jackson, King Klarenz Brewer, Johnny Rose, Wayne Smith, BJ Rossi, Phat Mike, the list of musicians goes on and on. I'm sorry I missed many.

Two I have to mention are my sister from another mister and washboard player extraordinaire, Miss Jo Burke, and the most soulful person I've ever met, my Brother since his Mom adopted me, Norman Leslie Jackson.

While in the mid-west we played for the Missouri department of economic development, The Pawn Shop represented Springfield for the International Blues Convention twice, played extensively throughout the area including Lake of the Ozarks, Springfield, Joplin, Kansas City and surrounding areas. In 2006 we played 8 shows in 5 days at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Special thanks to the Blues Society of the Ozarks, Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society, and Kansas City Blues Society and the Mo Blues Society from Jefferson City. Also the least appreciated jewel in Kansas City, Mama Ray who continues the world's finest jam where Westport hits Main Street in KC on Saturdays from 2-6 PM.

Click on the song titles to hear the music,

*Last Two Dollars
*Worried and Hurried
*Pawn Shop Blues
*Lawrence Wright Shuffle

More of this music is availble for the asking...



There is no better way to see the world than as part of a Rock and Roll band. Especially with good friends as your guide. Besides my USO/AFE travels mentioned above, in 1996 The Sundowners went to Finland. Tough language! Then in 2005 my good friend Stefan Lubos invited us to the Czech republic ... another tough language.

Joined by Stonewall Jackson on guitar and our friend Lynn Wright we spent a few glorious weeks in Brno, Prague and Vienna playing with great musicians, meeting exciting folks from all over the world. If you want the real thing as far as Greek music and Czech folk music and country sylings check out Prometheus, and Merlyn, bands that include Lubos and talented, unique, generous musicians. Include singing sensation Natalka who will be an international star very soon and one can be optimistic about our wonderful world.. A return to czech and other locations are in the works.

The trip inspired a song from the only word we could almost pronounce:



Los Angeles

For 15 years Los Angeles, Hollywood and my favorite place on earth, Venice Beach California was home. I got to play with an assortment of inventive, unique, entertaining songwriters and performers. Andras Jones and his City Limits Records is now based out of the Olympia Washington. He hosts an internet radio show every Tuesday evening, Radio Eight Ball and currently nurtures the sweet singing, psycho-sexual urgings of Shmushkin. This is one interesting, committed individual you will enjoy checking out.

The boys in The Uninvited called it quits for now. We spent three years together in the middle of the band's life, won an MTV Beach House song contest and recorded "Too High." The Web site is still up and the music is worth listening to. Jesse Loya is another singer songwriter worthy of finding, the man can sing some Little Willie John!

Much of my time in Los Angeles was spent with The Sundowners. We lasted seven years, until I relocated to the mid-west. Anchored by the late Frances McDonald and Bass monster David Abercrombie, and Marshall Thompson, at one time or another this group included Michael Tovar, Nick Sharpe, Bruce Logan, Jimi Paxon, and Michael Leasure (like pleasure), and Todd Wolfe.

This time featured recordings on demos for Sheryl Crowe, a soundtrack session with Andy Summers, some other fun stuff available somewhere in the Universe.



My hometown. Where I grew up, went to school and were my family still lives. I learned about playing music in the Fells Point section of town and at the Marble Bar, literally an underground music club in the basement of the old Congress Hotel downtown. The place was owned by the late Roger Anderson and his wife, another "sister" and cool Rockabilly/country singer Leslee Bird Anderson.

The only picture worthy is below: